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Blue Paw Pet Portraits began as a fun side-hustle aimed at giving my friends a unique option for holidays and other gift-giving occasions. It quickly became obvious how impactful the gifts were after receiving word of how many happy tears, laughs, and smiles the paintings induced. 

I am here to give you an easy and fun experience while creating a custom portrait for yourself or loved ones. You get exactly what you want and I get the pleasure of knowing that we're making something that will be cherished and loved. That's what this is all about - celebrating the love and bond we share with each other and our pets. 

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Lauren Stern

Lauren is from Bloomington, IN and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting from Indiana University in 2012. After moving from Indiana to Kentucky to Chicago and back to Indiana, she found that you can always find friends if you talk about your pets. 

Her personal work became more of a personal mission to celebrate the bond we share with our pets - a love that is celebrated daily but hardly immortalized outside of photos. 

She loves:

  • Her cat, Blue

  • La Croix

  • Easy-to-care-for houseplants

Please don't hesitate to contact her at

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