Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait

These pet portraits are truly a creation between both you and I. You get to choose everything about it and make sure your pet's personality really comes through. I paint them from images you send me and am able to photoshop images together if you feel you don't have just the right image to recreate. 


These make for incredibly personal and touching gifts and tributes to the pets who expand our hearts and fill our homes with joy. Not only will the recipient of a pet portrait be elated to have a gift of their pet, but it will be all the more special because they'll know that you helped create it.


This is meant to be a fun and easy process for all involved. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!


Some considerations:

Background - You can pick anything from what is pictured in the actual reference image to plants, color washes, graphic patterns, or something else. 


Composition - Sometimes a head or upper body is all you need and other times it makes sense to use the whole body. For example, some clients want a favorite toy included in the painting (super fun idea!) and that means it makes the most sense to have a full body composition. Other clients just want the head, which affords for more fur detail work. Most 12"x12" sizes are of the heads (or busts) of the animal, but it's totally up to you!


Size and animal limit - 12"x12" paintings have a limit of three animals and there will likely only be room for their heads and a color wash behind them. The rest of the sizes can easily be 4 or 5. 


Pictures - Please send as many as you would like! I prefer 3 or more because that insures I will be able to see all of the animal's details. Sometimes lighting or positioning can disguise spots or other markings. The best photos are one taken at eye level with the pet.


Communication - You can always message me before ordering, but I will not be able to start the piece or put you in the que until an order is placed. You will have final approval before I ship the painting. There will be no refunds once the painting has been approved and shipped.